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Are you ready for a RooPax adventure?! Get ready for an amazing experience in one of the most remote and beautiful places in the Grand Canyon! You will experience a new level of adventure, connection, beauty, satisfaction and peace that come with being in this stunning wilderness. 

We will be going September 22-25. We're bringing the outdoors, hiking and swimming together with yoga, meditation mindfulness and nature therapy, in one of the most beautiful places you could ever imagine!

  • Includes:
    • Entrance to Havasupai
    • Camping Permits
    • All Camping & Environmental Fees included
    • 3 Nights 4 Days in Havasupai
  • All scheduled activities including:​​
    • Visits to all Waterfalls
    • Down Stream on day 2
    • Up Stream on day 3
    • Meet & Greet Dessert
    • Community sponsored classes
  • Swag
    • Sponsored Items as available
  • Additional Items available for purchase
    • Pack Animal $121 (Carries your gear down & back. Limit 40 lbs)
    • Other Gear for rent if needed: Backpack, Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad, Hammock.
    • Additional items available for purchase such as a Pack Animal to carry up to 40 lbs. of gear, down and back.
    • RooPax Double sized hammock $60


Tentative Schedule


4am - 6am: Arrive at Hill Top Parking Lot and begin your hike into Supai (If you see our car and we are there, be sure to say hello. We look forward to seeing you at camp, so look for our Granogi Sign!)

4am - 8am: Granogis head down (Bring 2 liters of water for the hike. There is water at camp.)

9am - 1pm: Retrieve wrist band from Tourist Office. (Be sure to tell rangers who ask for your permit or group name, that you are with Granogi.)

2pm - 5pm: Set up camp

7pm: Gather at Granogi main camp for Meet & Greet!

10pm: Quiet time, lights out.


6am - 7am: Sunrise Yoga

8:30am - 9am: Get ready to go hiking!

9am - 5pm: Hike down to Mooney Falls & Beaver Falls (Bring lunch and snacks with you, also 2 liters of water)

5pm - 6pm: Arrive back to camp to rest up

7pm - 8pm: Sunset Yoga

8pm - 10pm: Dessert Gathering at Granogi main camp & Free Time

10pm: Quiet time, Lights out!


6am - 7am: Sunrise Yoga (If you selected the Add-on)

8:30am - 9am: Get ready to go hiking!

9am - 3pm: Hike up to Fifty Foot Falls Falls, Navajo Falls, Rock Falls, Hidden Falls maybe and then back to Havasu Falls. (Bring lunch and snacks with you, also 2 liters of water)

4pm - 6pm: Arrive back at camp

7pm - 8pm: Sunset Yoga (If you selected the Add-on)

8pm - 10pm: Dessert Gathering at Granogi main camp & Free Time

10pm: Quiet time, Lights out!


4am - 6am: Packup & Hike out (If you are planning on flying out leave early to secure your place in line. Flights begin between 9 and 10am, first come, first served.)

11am -1pm: Arrive at Hilltop Parking lot, load up and head home.

This schedule is a suggestion and not necessarily fixed in anyway.  It may change.

*Yoga and meditation classes are optional add-on.


Frequently Asked Questions

"Will food be provided?"

Some of you have been asking about meals, and as much as we would love to include them in all of our trips, we've decided to go with making this trek more affordable and refer you to some great meal options you'll really like. During Breakfast & Dinner mealtimes we will gather at the camp kitchen to assemble our meals.

This is a simple plan of the kinds of meals you'll need to plan to bring.

  • Friday Breakfast
  • Friday Snacks
  • Friday Lunch
  • Friday Dinner
  • Saturday Breakfast
  • Saturday Snacks
  • Saturday Lunch
  • Saturday Dinner
  • Sunday Breakfast
  • Sunday Snacks
  • Sunday Lunch
  • Sunday Dinner
  • Monday Breakfast
  • Monday Snacks
  • Monday Lunch

Be sure to have food at the car for when you get back I always recommend bringing a couple of gallons of drinking water. One to drink and one to take a quick shower with! Which feels amazing!

“What should I pack?”

To help with planning your trip to Havasupai, we've created a comprehensive packing list below of everything we've found most useful for this trip. Remember there is a leave no trace policy so what you pack in you must take out. Plan accordingly, as you see fit. We recommend traveling light (under 35lbs) unless you're utilizing a pack animal. Different times of the year will require warmer gear.

  • Backpack (30 liter or larger)
  • Smaller day pack to carry water
  • Water bladder (2 liter preferred)
  • Water bottle*at least 32oz
  • Water filtration system or tablets*Clean spring water at campground but not on the trail
  • Flash light or headlamp & extra batteries 
  • Pocket knife 
  • Stove, fuel & matches (Unless you have meals with us)
  • Energy & trail snacks
  • Drink mix/Gatorade mix
  • Food, lunches, dinners, breakfasts*Dehydrated meals pack the lightest
  • *Food available for purchase in Supai Village*2 miles from campground 
  • Cash $$ (for food or if you need to helicopter out - $85)
  • Tin cup, bowl & utensils
  • Biodegradable soap
  • Trash bags*leave no trace rules
  • Toilet paper/wet wipes 
  • Sleeping pad*can be used as a floaty too! 
  • Tent or hammock
  • Ground cloth/tarp
  • Duct tape
  • Paracord rope*to string up food away from aggressive squirrels 
  • Sleeping bag (Mostly needed in the cooler months)
  • Sleeping bag liner or sheet (suggested in warmer months)
  • Camping pillow*or put your clothes in a pillowcase to sleep on
  • Emergency poncho
  • Emergency space blanket or bivy sack
  • Extra Clothing, yoga or running clothes to wear
  • Towel
  • Swim wear
  • Undergarments
  • Extra tshirt
  • Extra socks
  • Wind breaker or jacket
  • Hiking shoes*Broke in hiking boots
  • Water shoes
  • First aid kit with Moleskin/Second Skin*Bring plenty of Advil*
  • Bug Spray (Benadryl pills/cream incase you get stung by something)
  • Waterproof sun screen 
  • Camera
  • Portable phone charger*maybe 2 if you are using your phone to take pictures 
  • Waterproof case for phone 
  • Selfie stick? 
  • Hat or head scarf
  • Journal

***No Drones are allowed*** Tribe rules!

"How do I get to the trail head?

Click Here for Directions, or view the map below for the final destination.

Additional Information

Here at RooPax, we donate $5 for every hammock sold, to programs that support local refugees. These programs include extended learning opportunities for the entire family to learn the English language, job training skills, computer skills, and more.

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